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Research Objectives :

The current research is aimed in the preparation and application of hybrid scaffold of human fibroblast-derived matrix (hFDM) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel (PVA/hFDM) for bone tissue engineering.

Research Contents :

The contents of this research plan are divided into three categories: material preparation and characterizations, in vitro investigation, and in vivo study.

(1) Material preparation and characterizations
- Production of PVA/hFDM scaffold.
- Scaffold characterizations (gross image, SEM, confocal microscope, and FT-IR).

(2) In vitro investigations
- Stem cell behaviors (cell viability, proliferation, and morphology).
- Stem cell differentiation (osteogenesis and its evaluation).

(3) In vivo study
- Fabrication of bone defect model (cranial defect model in rat).
- Bone regeneration and evaluations (histology and µCT).

  • 23 Januari 2019 16:32
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